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The Best Version of Yourself


Compatible on a computer or on your phone.

An interactive workbook designed to help you identify exactly what you want from Life.

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Invest in Your Future

You are all that you got. Of all the things that can be bought, a clear sense of identity and direction cannot. This will help you get there.

What You Are Getting

A 37-page document which you can edit on your device or print out [although not recommended] containing mind-stimulating exercises [questions designed to help you tap into the Wisdom of your Future Self] that you will complete to begin designing your ideal life and then begin manifesting it. By the end, you will have a definitive guide for things like:

  • What you will and will not tolerate from the things & people in your life.

  • How to protect yourself against toxic relationships.

  • How you'd like to react to negative situations [i.e., fearful situations, assholes, or bad days in general].

  • And more positive things like exactly how much money you want to have and all the cool shit you'd like to buy with it and/or people you'd like to help, the makeup of the perfect romantic relationship, daily routines/habits, and what you would like to stand for/believe in.

  • And you'll also begin [if you haven't already] your "healing" process regarding the wrong things that you have done [no one is perfect — everybody has done things that they are absolutely ashamed of] and the wrong things that people have done to you.



Physical + Mental Health

Wealth // Time

Love + Sex


A Life of Significance

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We believe in this so much:

Try the Design Your Dream Life workbook worry-free for 14 days!

We believe wholeheartedly in this workbook. We doubt you'll need this, but we're ready to oblige just in case.

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Worried About Not Knowing What To Write?

A Closer Look

If you could design the perfect romantic partner, who would they be? Here you will describe an in-depth composition of the person of your dreams.
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Final Note

Life is like a big city you’ve never been to before. If your destination was to find Walmart, you’d probably want to have a map or GPS. Otherwise, you'll be wandering aimlessly without a sense of direction. The Design Your Dream Life workbook serves as the foundation to building your map. This is your Life—and only yours to experience—so take control of it.

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